This is a contract between the person booking the transfer and the supplier. Henceforth, we  would strongly propose that you read all the following terms and conditions that apply, before signing up the agreement for the transfer booking.

Your Contract with the transfer providers is featured on this website as follows:

An e-mail will confirm your booking of the transfer and you would receive a transfer voucher as soon as the confirmation is made – this is also when the contract actually materializes. The issuing date of the contract is the date that appears on the confirmation voucher. All contracts are to be dealt in the same way, whether they are shuttle transfers, taxi transfer, ski transfer or direct transfers. All booking conditions will apply including cancellation charges and amendment fees. Once you have ‘signed’ the contract, the supplier is liable to provide you all the services that have been promised to you as per your requests.Moreover, the responsibility on your part is that you have to make payments on time and you should not default on any of the charges that you are liable to pay, subject to certain conditions, and any other terms and conditions specific to the relevant transfer.

Please note: Upon receipt of your Transfer Voucher you are cautiously advised to carefully check the details of your booking. If there is anything that you think needs changed or amendments, you should be prepared to pay for an amendment or cancellation fee (described below).  Please note that you may not change or amend your transfer bookings within 48 hours of the transfer apart from the time when there are changes in the timings of the flights and the flight details. In parties of two or more passengers, the person making the booking, Lead Passenger, accepts responsibility for all payments for all members of the party. The voucher and all other correspondence will be sent in the name of the lead passenger, who in turn takes the responsibility of keeping his/her members of the group/party updated and well informed of the latest changes.

Please note that if you bring in extra luggage or extraordinarily oversized bags and items, you would be required to pay additional charges or may have to select upon a particular, specialized mode of transfer. To avoid any inconvenience for you as well as for us, kindly add a note in the special request field on our booking page to ensure that we know of how many extra baggage you are bringing along and that how we would be expected to accommodate them. Also, mention details of extra assistance that you may require, for example if you are a disabled person.

Any changes to the transfer booking have to be informed of and dispatched by the lead passenger, who will be our immediate point of contact, should any query arise. We will only accept confirmation from the person who made the original booking due to security and identity problems. If you are under the age of 18 (on date of departure) and your parents or guardians are not traveling with you, we will need a letter of consent from your parents stating that you are allowed and capable of travelling without their supervision.

Paying for your booking

You will have to pay in full for all the respective number of passengers at the time when you book your transfer. No later payments shall be entertained. If you are concerned about the revealing of your personal information online, such as the credit card number etc, Please see our privacy policy regarding the security of your personal information.

Amendments to your existing booking

You may amend details on your existing bookings- they can be made on-line in our booking amendments section, however, certain conditions and charges may apply when you are changing transfer details. We shall charge the additional charges and fees from the original card details that would have been supplied by you.

Cancellations of booking and clients

You may cancel your booking at any time by requesting cancellation via e-mail sent to Note that a request for cancellation will only be accepted by email, should the Lead Passenger request the cancellation.

The following cancellation policy applies. Inside 14 days of the departure date 100% cancellation fees – no monies will be refunded. 15 - 60 days prior to the departure date 25% of the cost of the booking will be charged. Outside of 60 days of departure a 10% administration fee per booking will be charged.

Holiday Insurance

It is highly recommended that adequate holiday insurance is taken out, this is your responsibility. The insurance should cover, amongst other things, the cost of cancellation by yourself, all medical costs and the cost of assistance including return to the UK in the event of an accident or illness.

Our responsibility to you for your Booking

We are acting merely as a mode of transfer of you people to your desired destinations and hence have no liability or responsibility whatsoever regarding any damage or illness, death or loss of any kind, unless in extreme cases where it is caused by our negligence. Therefore, kindly do not file and claims for such cases and any claim for damages for injury, illness or death arising from your use of the transfer services, must be brought against the operator of the transfer services and will be under the jurisdiction of the law of the country in which the transfer is being provided.


The contract signed by you with us serves as a promissory note whereby the lead passenger agrees to accept his responsibility for proper conduct of himself as well as those in his party/ group. The transfer provider reserves the right at any time to terminate (before or after departure) your booking or that of any member of your party due to your/their misconduct, within their reasonable opinion. Full cancellation charges will apply and no refund will be given.

Moreover, the supplier of the transfer service shall not be bugged about paying any sort of compensation for any loss or costs that may have been incurred due to your own negligence or carelessness which resulted in termination of yours or your party member’s booking, in accordance with this paragraph. Also, if you happen to create any kind of damage to the transfer service provider’s property during your transfer, you shall be ready to face the consequences and you agree to fully indemnify us against any claim (including legal costs) made against the transfer owner. Henceforth, you are also liable for reimbursing the transfer provider for any damage caused, before you arrive at your destination and get off the your respective mode of transfer.