Located in the Lemesos  district, the beautiful village of Pissouri is built on a green hillside, just 3 km from Cape Aspro, and affords stunning views of both mountain and sea. Pissouri is just 30 km from Lemesos town, and can be reached by following the A6 route, or by following the B6 route.

The village was once a small port from where carobs were exported during Medieval times, and its stone-built carob warehouses have been preserved and converted into restaurants and residences. Nowadays it is known locally for its Halloumi cheese, and also for its small, sweet and seedless green grapes - Sultanina.

The beach area of Pissouri Bay has developed into a popular tourist resort, and offers the opportunity to enjoy water sports and hiking on its picturesque coast of fine golden sands, multicoloured small pebbles, and crystal-clear seawaters. Its naturally beautiful surroundings include the spectacular white cliffs of Cape Aspro (Cape ‘white’ in Greek), and there are five public footpaths for easy access and exploration of the area.

The resort also has a large variety of accommodation, including luxury, high-end hotels, a host of restaurants serving a selection of cuisines, as well as an array of shops. Pissouri Bay is also a particular favourite with the locals, who tend to visit the resort during the high summer season, whilst the village is popular all-year-round.

Pissouri to Larnaca Int. Airport (LCA)

Travel Time: 66 Min , Distance: 103 Km

Pissouri to Paphos Intl. Airport (PFO)

Travel Time: 28 Min , Distance: 29 Km

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